Give visitors the VIP treatment.

The MP-410 is a highly maneuverable, two-passenger people mover suited for private plant tours or airports. Passengers enjoy an unimpeded side view, while stand-up operators face passengers, making interacting much easier and safer. For their comfort and convenience, passengers enjoy ample legroom and their own individual door with handle bar. The two front wheels improve stability, while the roll-out battery box provides quick and easy access. A smooth, quiet, zero-emission vehicle built for overtime duty.

Stability-boosting dual front wheels

Improves vehicle stability and maneuverability. Robust dual design is twice as strong as a single wheel. Increases wheel lifespan and reduces maintenance as wheels suffer less wear and tear.

Heavy-duty braking power

Provides faster braking and shorter stopping distances, even when towing heavy loads. Stronger, more durable and more efficient design ensures superior braking performance with less maintenance vs. competing brakes. Brake safely and confidently every time.

Time-saving roll-out battery compartment

Makes changing batteries extremely quick and easy. Just roll out the compartment to replace the battery with a fresh one and you’re good to go. Keeps vehicles running round-the-clock. Easy maintenance.


Motor 10 hp shunt motor
Drive Axle Differential with automotive ring gear
Transmission Dual V-belt drive
Controller SEPEX Electronic speed controller, Single right-hand side foot treadle for speed and brake control
Voltage 36V
Battery Six 6V-232AH batteries
Charger High-Frequency Charger, improves battery performance, prevents current surge, 50/60HZ, 110/220VAC
Body 14-G diamond-plate steel body, tubular frame
Suspension Rigid axles on front and rear, DUAL FRONT WHEELS to ensure the stability
Brakes H.D. Drum Brakes, Self-Adjusting,
Wheels 4.8x8 LRB pneumatic tires
Steering Automotive Steering Wheel
Seats Padded backrest
Indicators Battery status indicator
Safety Reverse alarm, Deadman foot switch, Horn


Height 49"
Length 95"
Width 37"
Wheel Base 54"
Deck Height
Deck Length
Deck Width
Battery Weight
Battery Height
Battery Length
Battery Width

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