Move people in total comfort.

This quiet, zero-emission vehicle is designed for transporting up to four passengers quickly and safely. It features two comfortable benches with padded backrests, a dual-sided entry with optional wheelchair-accessible fold-down ramps, and a rear platform large enough for several items of luggage. Stand-up operators enjoy good visibility and face passengers, making interacting easier, safer and much more enjoyable. The light-touch accelerator pedal further reduces operator fatigue.

Stability-boosting dual front wheels

Improves vehicle stability and maneuverability. Robust dual design is twice as strong as a single wheel. Increases wheel lifespan and reduces maintenance as wheels suffer less wear and tear.

Heavy-duty braking power

Provides faster braking and shorter stopping distances, even when towing heavy loads. Stronger, more durable and more efficient design ensures superior braking performance with less maintenance vs. competing brakes. Brake safely and confidently every time.

Energy-saving regenerative braking

Lengthens running time by using energy more efficiently. Braking is automatically applied whenever the accelerator is released, feeding energy back into the battery. Operator also uses the brake less often, reducing wear and tear.


Motor 10 hp
Drive Axle Differential with automotive ring gear
Transmission Dual V-belt drive
Controller Electronic speed controller
Voltage 36V
Battery Six 6V-232AH batteries
Charger 25 Amp, built-in automatic
Suspension Rigid axles on front and rear
Brakes Dual self-adjusting mechanical drum brakes on rear, deadman brake on control treadle
Wheels 4.80 x 8 LRC pneumatic tires
Steering Automotive steering wheel
Seats Padded backrest for operator, bench seating for four passengers
Lights Dual headlights
Indicators Battery status indicator
Accessories Horn, 36V/12V converter to equalize cells and extend battery life
Safety Reverse alarm, strobelight


Weight 1,300 lbs.
Height 53"
Width 48"
Wheel Base
Deck Height
Deck Length
Deck Width
Battery Weight
Battery Height
Battery Length
Battery Width

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